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Red, Blue and Black: How to Color Code your Project

Have you ever been installing a project and forget which cable is NEVER supposed to unplugged? And then it gets unplugged and it’s a disaster? Ever wish there was an easy way to label and identify your projects? Well, I have a solution to your problem; Colored Coaxial Connectors

Colored Coaxial Connectors

What is a Colored Coaxial Connectors?

For years the installation industry has been struggling to easily and quickly identify cabling and to know which cable NOT to touch. Some people will use colored cables. But if your installation calls for the standard blue Ethernet cable, what are you to do? Well, here at Big Cat Cables, we have a solution. Enter, color coaxial connectors. We have a robust line of  N TypeSMA and TNC series connectors in RED, BLUE and BLACK. 

Think of the possibilities! Have a connection that should never be disconnected? Use a RED coaxial connector. Are you reworking an installation and need to easily identify what you have reworked? Use BLUE coaxial connectors. What about if you have a military installation and need everything to be black (prevent the sunlight from creating a glare off the standard silver connectors signaling your location)? Use a BLACK coaxial connector.

Colored Coaxial Connectors

Color Code your Installation

Big Cat Cables exclusively offers a colored cable line to help you with your every installation. They meet industry standards and can make your installation easy and functional and fun.

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